Table of Contents

Introduction: The Prenup Myth
Chapter 1: Why I Changed My Mind about Prenups
Chapter 2: Who Might Think They Need a Prenup? The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Chapter 3: Who Else Might Benefit from a Prenup?
Chapter 4: What Are “Generous” Prenups and the Role of “Contribution” in Marriage?
Chapter 5: How Did Prenups Originate and How Popular Are They?
Chapter 6: How Do People Get a Divorce? Let Me Count the Ways
Chapter 7: What Happens If You Marry without a Prenup?
Chapter 8: Prenups for Wealthy People and for People from Wealthy Families
Chapter 9: Do I Need a Prenup to Protect My Business?
Chapter 10: How a Prenup Can Help with Estate Planning
Chapter 11: The “Gray” Prenup: Should Senior Newlyweds Prenup, Too?
Chapter 12: Are LGBT Prenups Different from Other Types?
Chapter 13: She’s Coming from a Foreign Country to Marry Me. What about Immigrant Spouse Prenups?
Chapter 14: Prenups with Infidelity Clauses and Other “Lifestyle” Provisions
Chapter 15: What’s Alimony Have to Do with It?
Chapter 16: What Are the Drawbacks of Prenups?
Chapter 17: Is There a Way to Make Both Parties Happy?
Chapter 18: Are All Prenups Enforceable?
Chapter 19: The Postnup: A Powerful Tool to Be Handled with Care
Chapter 20: What Are the Ways to Begin the Process?
Chapter 21: Lawyer or Mediator: How Can We Find a Good One?
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